Why Kamala Harris Will Never Be President

According to reports, Kamala Harris is ending her run to be President of the United States however, she never had a chance to begin with. Kamala indicated that America isn’t ready for a woman of color to be President–this is a sad Liberal mentality when the truth be told, in 2008 I was begging Condi Rice to run for President.

Kamala Harris will never be President of the United States and it has nothing to do with her gender nor her skin color. In fact, its surprising that California, as shallow as they are ever voted for Kamala to begin with. In California you need the feminists votes and Kamala, fresh out of college bedded down the married Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown for the purpose of getting a job–this isn’t something a liberated woman can possibly be proud of. If Kamala were actually a capable woman, she could have got the job without spreading her legs. After all, Willie Brown was 30 years her senior; this is like AOC going to bed with Trump <eewwhh>.

Also in California you need the Hispanic vote and 94% of Hispanics are Catholic. As Senator, Kamala Harris has verbally attacked 2 federal judge nominees for their Catholic values and created a highly edited video about Catholic Judge Kavanagh to discredit him; you have to wonder if Kamala is actually a friend of the Hispanic Catholic community. The short answer is no.

Also, California is weed friendly but Kamala brags that she was getting high while putting 1,500 people in prison for marijuana. It’s not just this, Kamala has been a hypocrite on every subject and this should embarrass the people of California.

Simply because California is poorly informed and voted for her, the rest of the country sees through Kamala Harris, her hypocricy, and her hateful Marxist ideology; she will never be President of our country.

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