Muslim Democrats Hate Allah

I look at Muslim Democrats like Omar and Talib and all I see in them is their hate. They hate everyone who is not like them–they are true xenophobes and bigots by every measure; I believe these two women even hate Allah. I make this assertion using the Quran which says: Quran (Surah Tawba, Verse 51) Nothing happens less it be the Will of Allah. If something has happened, then it must be Allah’s Will. If you hate what has happened, this means you hate Allah’s Will; said otherwise you hate Allah.

Israel is the greatest nation in the Middle East because it is the Will of Allah; the Quran says so. When every adjoining Muslim nation (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt) attacked Israel; it was the Will of Allah that Israel stomp these Muslim nations and expand its borders in a mere six days. The Jews are obviously Allah’s chosen children and Allah protects Israel.

These Muslim Democrats like Omar and Talib demonstrate their hate for Allah by fighting Allah’s Will through their attacks on Israel and the Jewish people through their support for BDS. The only rational conclusion we can reach by the hateful, racist, and xenophobic actions of Talib and Omar is that these two Muslim women hate Allah.

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