COVID Conspiracy Theory

Being a scientist, I’m not much on Conspiracy Theories however, some things make me say HMMMM; like this picture. We have Dr. Fauci with Bill Gates, George Soros, and David Rockefeller:

Bill Gates, who in 2015 predicted a pandemic in the next five years has been putting his money into creating vaccines which seem to be doing more harm than good in countries like India.

George Soros, who supports UN Agenda 21 which requires a forced reduction in world population.

David Rockefeller who supports a forced reduction in world population through vaccines.

They say birds of a feather flock together but why are so many billionaires who want to reduce the world’s population hanging around a poor Government employee like Dr. Fauci? It’s not the money they have in common.

Should Americans be listening to a Doctor who hangs out with people who want to forcefully reduce the world’s population?

Everyone one of Dr. Fauci recommendations to President Trump turned out to be wrong and/or bad and it was really good for our country that Trump ignored Fauci on topics such as keeping travel open with China.

Just sayin’