Voting With Christian Values

What if you woke up after an election to learn that all churches will be closed by the Government and all bibles must be turned in for burning, that money is worthless, that store shelves are empty? 

This isn’t a far-fetched question, it’s happened before in other countries and throughout history.

What if you unknowingly voted for it?

In a Socialist society, religion is shunned and in a Communist country, religion is banned.

Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were Social-Democrats who said:

“The goal of Socialism is Communism.” and “The cornerstone of Communism is socialized healthcare.”  (AKA Medicare For All)

Socialism is achieved through voting and many unrealistic promises are made to win that vote.  Lenin and Stalin made three simple unrealistic campaign promises- Peace, Land, and Free Bread.  They talk about “Sharing the Wealth” & “Income Inequality” key phrases out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, but this “Sharing the Wealth” always results in equal poverty. Once Lenin and Stalin took control of Russia, they changed their party name from “Social-Democrats” to “Communists.”  They quickly seized all private property and nationalized all land, energy, and industry, they disarmed all the people making them easier to control, they went to war with Germany, 4 million people died by starving to death, and religion was banned—Religion was banned and Atheism was made mandatory

A recent example is Venezuela.

In 1994, I was in Venezuela. The country was wealthy and beautiful and many of the people had a lot, but some of the people were poor. Hugo Chaves promised Hope and Change, he used income inequality as basis for drawing on emotion, he promised to share the wealth–the poor and middle class voted for Socialism thinking it meant they would be as wealthy as the wealthy. Now everyone in Venezuela is poor except for the political elite. The people eat out of trash cans, they can’t find toilet paper, money is meaningless, and if you do have money it doesn’t mean you will find food.

Fine Dining in Socialist Venezuela

Got Toilet Paper?

Venezuelan Military attacking the unarmed hungry people
Grocery Shopping in Socialist Venezuela

Their promises are based on controlling you-  

We’re repeating history in America and the outcome is horrific for our country, humanity, and our Christian Values—to believe it can’t happen in America naivety.

“Medicare For All” – Government controlled healthcare, imagine the DMV in charge of your healthcare with the long waits and poor service.  NO- It’s worse than you think.  What happens to your healthcare in a government shutdown?  What happens when a loved one needs a surgery but the Government wants you to surrender your First Amendment Right before surgery—I’m not making this up, there is a very real reason why Vladimir Lenin said government controlled healthcare in the cornerstone of Communism—it’s the ultimate control over your life and the lives of your loved ones.  When you become older and are ready to retire, you’re no longer a working and contributing member of society, your healthcare is phased out—that’s the way it really happens. Some people say the US should have Government run healthcare like they do in Europe; when Europe had to face Coronavirus (China Virus) they learned just how bade Socialized Healthcare really was. In Canada where they have Government run healthcare, the people come to the US for good healthcare.

“Free College” – Free college like they have in Norway they say.  They never tell the youth clamoring for something free the full truth.  In Norway you can’t go to college until age 25.  You have to demonstrate 5 years of work ethic before being accepted in college.  When the Government is paying for your education, don’t expect to choose what you want, it’s not your degree plan but rather the Government’s degree plan and you will get what they choose for you based on the Government’s needs and your aptitude.  You may have had dreams of being an engineer, but this week the government needs more plumbers.  When you finally earn that degree or trade certificate and become employed, you will wonder if the college or trade school was actually free when you have to pay taxes at the 50% rate for the rest of your life like they do in Norway. Let’s make up some math on it- Lets say you only earned $100,000.00 per year every year after college and work for 30 years, you earned $3,000,000.00 in that 30 years and paid $1,500,000.00 in taxes for your free college. That makes the free college the most expensive college on earth.

“Ban Assault Weapons” – First, there is no such thing as an “Assault Weapon;” anyone with critical thinking skills know this.  Assault is a human behavior which an object can’t convey.  We see sick people kill with hammers, trucks, knives…  we never call it an assault hammer or assault truck because we know that’s wrong.  However, they prefix this human behavior to firearms for the purpose of creating a predefined idea of what the firearm is for (another form of lying).  As Vladimir Lenin said- “A person with a gun can control 100 people without guns.”  The founding fathers ensured we could keep and bear arms not for the purpose of hunting but for the purpose of ensuring the American people could pick up their rifles, join militias, become disciplined, and remove people in the Government should they ever become tyrannical—this is clearly explained in the Federalist Paper #46—the founding fathers experienced first-hand what a tyrannical government can and will do.   It’s unfortunate how firearms have been used in gun-free zones to commit crimes, but if we look at the causes of the crime rather than the tool used, we can stop the problem—every mass killing in America has been committed by someone who was raised on Ritalin (psychotropic drugs) or Islam and they all didn’t use guns.  Here are some actual 2019 stats from the FBI and the CDC:

  • Shot by rifles (all rifles)                 227
  • Beaten to death by hammers           443
  • Beaten to death by fists                      672
  • Stabbed to death                             1515
  • Adults who died from excess alcohol consumption  88,000   Source:   
  • Children who died from excess alcohol consumption        4,300  Source:
  • Children killed by abortion   1,300,000.  About 3,562 abortions per day. Of those, 1,876 black babies are aborted each day. That means 53% of all abortions are black babies which is crazy high since black people are only ~20% of the population.  Source: . On that note, did you know that Planned Parenthood was founded by Democrat Margaret Sanger who said “Blacks are human weeds” and she ensured that 80% of all abortion clinics were in black neighborhoods. Fighting Planned Parenthood isn’t about fighting a woman’s right to choose, it’s fighting racism and black genocide.

In 1994 Bill Clinton banned what they call “Assault Weapons” and without a gun, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and wounded 680 more Source: When you hear someone speaking about banning Assault Weapons, you know the term “Assault Weapon” is a form of psychological warfare being used against you to brainwash you.  Does that sound crazy?  Here’s a link showing Attorney General Eric Holder discussing how to brainwash Americans to think differently about guns .  Today, if you believe the lies about Rifles, you are a victim of Government run psychological warfare.  The entire effort of banning any firearm is an attempt to repeat failed history and make Americans more easily controlled by an abusive Government.  In this effort to conduct psychological warfare on you, they will exploit your emotions by saying “ban the guns if it will save just one child’s life.”  This is a lie.  They don’t mean to save a child’s life because they support abortion of 1,300,000 babies every year (most of them are black babies and ain’t that racist), they say this while ignoring the CDC reports that 4,300 children die from excess alcohol consumption each year and there’s no outrage over booze.  They let children die and disarming you is important because if you are unarmed you can be controlled.   

“Stop Climate Change” – Climate Change has been happening since God gave Earth an atmosphere.  I’m a real scientist—A real scientist uses all of the data affecting the study and lets the data lead to the conclusion.  A fake scientist is one which comes to the conclusion first such as “Climate Change is Man-Made” then cherry picks data to prove the predetermined conclusion.  Our climate is largely driven by the Sun.  Over the last 4.5 Billion years, the Sun has been using its fuel and as a result its diameter has changed 20% causing the Earth climate to change over this whole period of time .  At one time, dinosaurs used to walk through the tropical jungles of Alaska, but there are other elements of the Sun affecting our climate. The Sun also has solar cycles which peaks every 11 years which is why we are seeing some very hot months as I write this (mid 2019-early 2020).  Normally the Sun has sunspots, during this peak in solar activity, there are no sunspots meaning the earth it getting the full radiation of the Sun causing our climate to be hotter.   Any climate change study which excludes the Sun is a fake study; these fake studies are usually conducted by fake scientists funded by the UN.  The purpose of these fake climate studies is to convince man-kind that we are controlling the climate, as if we are God.  If you believe that we are causing climate change, that you will cause the ocean levels to climb 20 feet destroying beach front cities, that your carbon emissions will heat the Earth resulting in the extinction of mankind, then you will be more willing to accept more Government control over your life to stop these effects.  As further evidence that this Man-Made Climate Change is a lie to control you, the wealthy and political elite have been flying around in private jets and buying up beachfront property with no fear of flooding as most recently demonstrated by President Obama who spent $15M for a beachfront home on Martha’s Vineyard.  In the 1970s they said climate change will cause mass extinctions by the 1980s.  In the 1980s they said climate change would cause global freezing.  In the 1990s they said climate change would cause sea level to rise 20 feet.  Today they are again saying climate change will raise sea level 20 feet in 10 years.  All of these predictions of death and destruction never happen because they are lies; lies to scare you.  Scare you how bad? A Swedish “Scientist” is proposing Cannibalism to stop Climate Change . This promise to stop man-made climate change is a lie, not a new one; a lie whose sole purpose is to control you; in fact, they write about it in UN Agenda 21 which is a UN Agenda approved by George H. Bush. UN Agenda 21 is an effort to create a global one-class society of poor people controlled by the political and wealthy elite–lies have purpose.

My pastor once said “The enemy only has two tools in his toolbox, fear and lies.” 

FEAR and LIES.  When they can’t offer you anything you want or need, they LIE to scare you into voting against their opponents—it’s important to our Christian Values to see through their lies.

John 8:44-  You belong to your father, the Devil, and you want to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and did not remain standing in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he lies, he speaks his native tongue, because he is a liar and the father of lying.

Some of the most evil people in history recognized the power of lies.

Vladimir Lenin said: “A lie told often enough becomes truth.”

Adolph Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf “Tell a big lie, keep repeating the lie, eventually people believe the lie.”

They call President Trump a Racist, this is a lie, and they keep repeating the lie; hoping it becomes truth, at least in your head-

They say Trump said “All Mexicans are Rapists.”  Trump never said this, but what if he did? Let’s apply critical thinking to this. Racism is about skin color and Mexican is a nationality, NOT a skin color.  Anyone of any color can be a Mexican; yes there are white, black, yellow, red, and brown Mexicans.  One of my best friends married a Japanese Mexican. What Trump actually said during a campaign rally was:

Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest (addressing his campaign rally goers). When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you (he points at someone in the audience). They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Everything Trump said here is true and has nothing to do with skin color; nothing racist about it. But the media tooks bits and pieces of what Trump said out of context to lie to you.

They say Trump called the violent racists in Charleston “Fine People.”  This is a lie.  What really happened and what was really said:  There was a Civil War Statue-  People on one side demanded the statue be torn down insisting that the statue represented racism.  People on the other side insisted that tearing down the statue is an attempt to erase history and won’t stop racism.  These two groups of people were protesting peacefully; exercising their First Amendment Rights and President Trump said regarding these two groups of peaceful protestors: “There were fine people on both sides.”  Then the racists came out, the neo-NAZIs, and the Democrat’s ANTIFA came out with helmets and baseball bats and began attacking people and President Trump specifically condemned these racists and ANTIFA members as “Very bad people,” you know, the language that only Trump would use: “Very bad people.”  The media then took Trumps words of “Fine people” and superimposed those words over video footage of the violent racists.  The American people were lied to by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and they have repeated the lie over and over much like Hitler or Lenin would—based on how the media lies to the American people it’s fair to call the media “the enemy of the people.”  The below link has President Trump’s full statement to the media without his words being taken out of context or twisted for the purpose of lying to you; it’s important to hear this to see how the media lies to program us with their hate for this President.

They say Trump is a racist for wanting to ban Muslims.  Again, Trump never said this, but even if he did, it’s not racist–critical thinking ya’ll~  Muslims are people who practices Islam (people who worship a pagan built stone block building in Mecca called the Kabaa) and Muslims come in every skin color there is—Muslims can be pasty white or charcoal black or any shade in between.  What Trump wanted to ban was people coming to America from Muslim majority nations where there was no US Embassy or Consulate to vet the people coming to our country—the purpose was to keep terrorists out and keep our nation safe.   Any person who called Trump a racist for this is a racist for believing all Muslims must be brown.

They say Trump’s wall on the southern border is racist.  Without the wall and since 2005, the CDC reports at least 500 men, women, and children die a horrible death each year and are found decomposing in the desert, some partially eaten by coyotes.  They were found dead because there was no wall to stop them from entering the hostile wilderness on our southern border.  Given this horrific fact, it’s racist not to have a wall on the border.   Really, every argument we hear people use for allowing illegal immigrants into our country is based on human exploitation and/or racism—we hear illegal immigrants will do jobs Americans don’t want to do and they are cheap labor—this is human exploitation and racism and we should never invite it nor support it. 

On immigration itself- if you want to come to America and vote to make America just like the country you fled from, I don’t want you here and there’s nothing racist about that. Furthermore, as long as there is one hungry and homeless American child, family, or veteran, there’s no room for anyone else. We must take care of our own before taking care of everyone else. Fix your sinking ship before taking on passengers.

They say Trump is a sexist based on what he once said about women many years ago. Saying something stupid and doing something stupid are two different things. Democrat President Bill Clinton sodomized a young lady in the White House with a cigar, then lied about it. The Democrats created an entire organization called MOVE ON . ORG for the purpose of telling the American people to quit focusing on the President’s misconduct and move on to what it’s important. The Democrats turned a blind eye to JFK’s seven White House mistresses, one of whom was a Soviet spy and required the FBI’s intervention; another was just 17 years old and JFK required her to perform oral sex on male guests in the White House swimming pool. FDR died next to his mistress. Despite these actions, Democrats hold these leaders in high esteem. It’s hypocritical to hold Democrats to a much lower moral standard than Republicans.

My wake up call to vote based on my Christian Values came when I watched the Democratic National Committee booed the name of God. See it for yourself–click WATCH THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.

What’s wrong with them?  Democrats used to be a great breed with people like Neil Armstrong. He was Fighter Pilot who fought Socialism and Communism, who became an Astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon, then he then served as a Democrat Senator; Neil Armstrong who would say: 

“It’s a great thing for a man to walk on the moon. But it’s a greater thing for God to walk on the Earth.”

Today’s Democrats embrace socialism like Senator Corey Booker who says:

“Thoughts and prayers are bullshit.”

Today’s Democrats like Kamala Harris are attacking judge nominees for their Christian Values.  The DNC Chair (Tom Perez) says:  All Democrats must support abortion.  Today they even support abortion after birth by leaving the baby uncovered in a room alone until it dies from exposure.  

Today’s Democrats like Pete Buttigege are taking a single verse out of the Bible to build his own narrative to win votes; cherry picking one bible verse to build your own narrative is just another way of lying and twisting God’s word.

I ask you, do these positions of booing the name of God, pro-abortion, killing babies after birth, human exploitation, disarming you, lying to you, calling your prayers bullshit… do any of these represent your Christian Values?

When you hear someone say something bad about President Trump, it’s probably a lie.  Trump has implemented National Prayer Days and Prayer Breakfasts while using the name of God in his speeches to the dismay of hateful and intolerant atheists everywhere.  He has embraced the use of “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holiday” and doesn’t care if it offends the Atheists within the Socialist movement.   Trump has ensured that Historically Black Colleges have been funded better than they have ever been funded.  Trump has donated 100% of his Presidential Salary to worthy organizations, agencies, and causes every quarter.  Trump’s actions have resulted in the lowest unemployment and lowest black unemployment in history–now Trump is racist because black folks are working.  Bill Clinton had previously created the ‘3 Strikes and You’re Out’ rule putting three-time felons into prison for life regardless of how inconsequential the crime was disproportionately affecting blacks. Trump executed the Prison Reform Bill which is taking blacks out of prisons at a record rate… yet they call him racist.  Trump’s trade practices have resulted in growing wages across the country and the growth of small business as he has mandated that his agencies must remove two oppressive rules for every one rule they create making it easier for businesses to thrive.  Retirements, savings, TSPs, 401Ks, and bank accounts are swelling aside from Corona fears.  NATO nations are paying for their own defense now reducing our tax burden.   As of October 2018, Trump had 289 major accomplishments as listed in the Washington Examiner, but the rest of the media won’t share that with you- . Trump’s greatest accomplishment has been in federal judge appointments–the only President more successful in history in this venue was President George Washington. This is truth about Trump, but the lying media doesn’t share the truth, nothing but lies to scare and control you–the media is controlled by the wealthy who want to own you. This is why the wealthy use their media sources to lie to you, to scare you….to control you.

 Voting with your Christian Values requires you to be informed and inform others, but you need to be informed with the truth.

I use a news sources which actually provides it’s sources for news no anonymous source, doesn’t take video clips out of context, and calls out everyone from foxnews to CNN for their lies, lies by omission, or simple deceit; that source is:

Please be an informed Christian.

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