The White Privilege Bigfoot

I keep hearing about this White Privilege Bigfoot, but I’ve never seen it. I grew up poor, raised by parents who didn’t have high school diplomas. They made a living selling produce out of the garage and fixing TVs. I joined the Army, served an entire career, earned my retirement, then went to college with the GI Bill which I paid for–the GI Bill isn’t free, the soldier has to pay into it. The college I went to wasn’t an Ivy League school, it was an engineering college and just good enough to ensure I was able to get another job after the military.

Senator Cory Booker

Take Senator Cory Booker for example. Booker, who apparently just shit himself in this picture attended: Stanford University (BAMA)
The Queen’s College, Oxford (MA)
Yale University (JD)

He didn’t pay anything. I wish I had White Privilege like that.

President Barack Obama

Take President Obama as another example. Here in this picture, Mr. Obama is trying to navigate an umbrella through a highly complex obstacle course. Mr. Obama became America’s first black President and spent 8 years telling America how racists we are. If this were true, would we have elected a black man as President? President Obama attended:

Columbia University (BA)
Harvard University (JD)

Mr. Obama didn’t pay anything for this. Once again, I wish I had White Privilege like that.

I can cite a plethora of examples of how hard working black Americans succeed and those sitting around whining that blacks can’t succeed because of White Privilege; you’re only making yourselves look bad. Take my wife as an example- My wife is a black lady who immigrated to the US when she was 17 years old, joined the US Marine Corps, served 10 years, received the GI Bill, earned her college degree, and now holds a senior position where she works–she believes you need to earn what you get, not whine or beg for it.

Nonetheless, I’ve never seen, not even a blurry or fuzzy picture of this White Privilege Bigfoot–I have worked hard for what I have.