The 1% Exploiting “Black Lives Matter”

The 1% is not a group of people, it’s an Ideal. An Ideal like the United States of America is an Ideal of a country ruled by the people for the people. The 1% is an Ideal of a world with no borders where the people live in equal poverty controlled by the wealthy and political elite. This ideal has names such as:

  • UN Agenda 21
  • New World Order

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is an actual written UN Agenda and President George H. Bush signed the US onto this UN Agenda.

It’s complicated- The Ideal involves an understanding that the Earth has limited resources; there’s only so much room to grow food, there’s a limited amount of fresh water on our planet and it needs to be there for the wealthy and political elite when they want it. At the time of Christ, the world population was estimated to be 200,000. By the 1800s’ it was 2,000,000,000. in the year 2020, the world population is 7,800,000,000.

If we continue our population growth, we will not only do incredible harm to the Earth’s climate, but we will exhaust the resources necessary to sustain humanity and the wealthy and political elite will suffer.

As we approach this breaking point where the world must reduce it’s population either by force or through acts of God, ask yourself if you were considered “Non-Essential” during the COVID 19 lockdown.

COVID 19, was a gift from over-populated China infecting the world. We also have Billionaire David Rockefeller, a proponent of reducing the world’s population and controlling the poor once say~ “We are the verge of a Global Transformation, all we need is the right world crisis.” COVID 19, is the world crisis to vaccinate everyone in the world with people like Billionaires George Soros, Bill Gates not only ready to help fund the effort, but they forecasted this disease five years ago and have already been working in the field of vaccinations–they just needed you to be distracted.

If the world considered you to be “Non-Essential” during the lockdowns it means the world can do without you. You went out and protested rather than working, getting exposed to COVID 19, now you need a Vaccination from the people who said you were “Non-Essential.”

NON-ESSENTIAL – This has been happening to the black community for a long time. It was Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who said~ “Blacks are Human Weeds.” She ensured 80% of all abortion clinics were placed in black neighborhoods.

If you think a cop casually killing someone is racism, you probably fell into the void of distraction. They glamorize your call of “Black Lives Matter” and spotlight it in their media, they donate to it, they encourage it. But when it comes to the black-on-black violence, they are not there, it’s paramount to saying “Black Lives Don’t Matter.” When it comes to what Planned Parent does, they fund it. The 1% is exploiting Black Lives Matter.