Attempted Overthrow of the President of the United States

Before President Trump was even sworn in, the Democrats, Marxists, Socialists… all stated that they were going to impeach Trump–one Democrat lawyer went as far as saying the coup has started. They didn’t know why or how they were going to remove Trump, but they were going to do it.

This effort started before Trump was even elected when Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS to hire a former MI16 spy with a strong anti-Trump bias to create a Trump Dossier.

This spy, Christopher Steele paid people in Russia on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC to created a fake dossier on Trump. This fake dossier was then given to the FBI who confirmed it was fake but still used the dossier to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. The basis of this spying would be the groundwork for “The Insurance Policy” as FBI Agent Peter Strozk would call it.

The Director of the FBI, James Comey would use Secret Courts to ensure this insurance policy would be used to remove Trump from office should he be elected.

Trump was in fact elected and the “Insurance Policy” went into effect.

FBI Deputy Director Robert Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to be the “Insurance Policy” or rather the special counselor to investigate Trump and Russian Collusion. Muller hired 13 Democrat Lawyers; all of whom had donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and one had even worked for Hillary. These 13 lawyers would be Mueller’s prosecutors in an attempt to overthrow President Trump. For two and half years these 13 Democrat Prosecutors worked tirelessly, spending 44 million dollars of our money destroying lives in an attempt to get to President Trump. In the end of their investigation, there was no collusion and no crimes committed by Trump.

For two and half years the Democrats like Adam Schiff promised the American people that he had the evidence of Russian Collusion and would impeach Trump, and in the end, Adam Schiff proved himself to be a liar and the people who listened to Schiff, CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, and WAPO, they proved to be gullible.

There has been the continuous effort to get Trumps tax returns in hopes that they can find something, anything to hang on Trump. Through illegal means MSNBC secured one year of Trump Tax Returns and they hyped it up with Rachel Madcow promising explosive revelations in the Tax Returns. The returns showed that Trump earned a lot of money, he donated a lot of money, and all the hype fizzled out. Even as President, Trump to this day donates 100% of his Presidential paycheck to charities.

Still the attempt to overthrow the President continues.

Congressman Adam Schiff representing California’s 28th District, one of the more challenged districts, has repeatedly lied to the American people, parodied President Trump’s Ukraine call to create a false narrative, coached witnesses on what to say, apparently met with a whistleblower then lied about it, restricted witnesses to prevent exculpatory evidence from being presented in the most unethical manner possible.

The only collusion with Russia we have seen so far has been that of the DNC and Hillary conspiring to pay Russians to lie about Trump.

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