The White Privilege Bigfoot

I keep hearing about this White Privilege Bigfoot, but I’ve never seen it. I grew up poor, raised by parents who didn’t have high school diplomas. They made a living selling produce out of the garage and fixing TVs. I joined the Army, served an entire career, earned my retirement, then went to college with […]

Welcome Immigrants

I’ve traveled to many places around the world and I understand why people want to move to the United States and seek a better way of life. So in that regard, WELCOME to the United States. Now that you’re here, I want to ask you a serious question- If Democratic-Socialists around the world ruined your […]

Attempted Overthrow of the President of the United States

Before President Trump was even sworn in, the Democrats, Marxists, Socialists… all stated that they were going to impeach Trump–one Democrat lawyer went as far as saying the coup has started. They didn’t know why or how they were going to remove Trump, but they were going to do it. This effort started before Trump […]

Voting With Christian Values

What if you woke up after an election to learn that all churches will be closed by the Government and all bibles must be turned in for burning, that money is worthless, that store shelves are empty?  This isn’t a far-fetched question, it’s happened before in other countries and throughout history. What if you unknowingly […]