ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber says Democrats are STUPID

The ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber has credited the “Stupidity of the American voters” for the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act.  Mr. Gruber solidified his position on American voter stupidity as he went on to discuss that Americans are too stupid to understand the economics behind ObamaCare. Too Stupid Today, Congress Woman Nancy Pelosi is saying she doesn’t know who Mr. Gruber is, yet in 2009 she was on the news praising Mr. Gruber by name and citing his work on ObamaCare.  In 2009, Senator Harry Reid discussing the benefits of ObamaCare cited Jonathan Gruber as one of the most respected economists in the world, but Reid doesn’t know who Mr. Gruber is today.  Today, Barack Obama is now trying to distance himself from Mr. Gruber saying Gruber was never part of the Administration; even though the Obama Administration paid Mr. Gruber $400,000.00 for his work in helping to create ObamaCare in 2009.  This leads one to ask why does the Democratic leadership always feel compelled to lie to their voters?  Or better yet, why do Democrat voters always accept the lies of their leadership.? These are perhaps rhetorical questions which are embedded in new terminology concerning the act of Grubering, and being Grubered.

Nonetheless, not all Americans are stupid.  ObamaCare passed without one single Republican vote; this law was supported entirely by the Democrats.  Given this fact, and Mr. Gruber’s observations about the stupidity of American voters, we can only deduce that Mr. Gruber is talking about Democrats when he discusses their stupidity.

If you are truly stupid as Mr. Gruber asserts, then keep voting for the Democrat leadership who mocks you and repeatedly lies to you leaving you Grubered.  If you are a Democrat or Non-Partisan tired of being played by the pathological liar in the White House who openly conducts sedition of the Constitution, then express your frustration by registering and voting Republican because your vote really does count.

Senator Harry Reid Praising Gruber in 2009—Doesn’t’ know him today http://youtu.be/RWikEo57Gq8

Congress Woman Nancy Pelosi praising Gruber in 2009—Doesn’t’ know him today http://youtu.be/pHFOgjXevdk

Jonathan Gruber on Stupidity of American Voters http://youtu.be/G790p0LcgbI

Jonathan Gruber on Americans too Stupid to understand http://youtu.be/8Hcu1S2GKf0

Yet another video in which Gruber reasserts Americans are stupid and cites John Kerry too http://youtu.be/WzeHKS2I7yg

Do you feel played yet?

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One of the gifts of the ObamaDemocrat Administration has our new Civil Forfeiture Laws. These laws allow law enforcement to seize your money, your car, your home, your belongings without arresting you and without a court order. If you fight and get your money back, they only have to give back 80% of what they took.

While this is an incredibly oppressive law, the funny part is, most of the victims of this law are Democrats who voted for the politicians who created the law.



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The Net Neutrality being pushed by the ObamaDemocrats will create quotas of Internet. Once you use up your quota, you’re done for the day. And something else for us to fear is… Obama said it will make the Internet service less expensive. We all know, even Democrats know, that if Obama says it will make something less expensive, it’s going to get real expensive.


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That’s right, according Economist Jonathan Gruber, a man praised by Obama and the Obama Administration for being instrumental in creating ObamaCare, the law would never have passed if Americans knew what was in the law.  He went on to give a lack of transparency and “Stupidity of the American voters” credit for ensuring the passage of the law.




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